Brand Design and Animation Creation for Diagnositic Product

✨Animation ✨ Logo Design ✨Package Design ✨ Illustration

Client: AIMA Laboratories

Year: 2022-2023

AIMA Laboratories is pioneering new solutions in women’s health, aiming to alleviate chronic pelvic and menstrual pain, and infertility caused by endometriosis. Their flagship product, a patented diagnostic tool utilizing blood biomarkers, promises a non-invasive means of detecting endometriosis with surgical-level accuracy.

With AIMA Laboratories seeking to establish their brand identity at an early stage while gearing up for external outreach and funding acquisition, our on-going collaboration aimed to define their brand strategy and create branded assets accordingly.

We embarked on a process that culminated in a visually compelling identity, including logos, banners, animation, and packaging design for their prototype. This suite of brand assets not only supports their external engagements, particularly in pitching and market introductions but also lays the groundwork for continued growth.

Much like their innovation, the visual identity we crafted mirrors warmth and approachability while upholding their core values at AIMA Laboratories.

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