Outsourced marketing

Building a company in bioscience is exciting, but you might not have a marketing team right from the start. At BioHues Digital, we offer flexible programs tailored to your needs, so that you can experience our full-service capabilities without having to maintain a marketing team at all times.

Full-service capabilities

By combining our multidisciplinary skills in medicine, marketing and visual design, we will provide you with the experience of an in-house marketing and scientific communications team.

Flexible package

You can make plans around your investor meetings or conferences throughout the year. We offer 3-month, 6-month, or year-round service packages.

We are a full-service biomedical visual communications team that can understand your science deeply and help you achieve your goals quickly.

A visual diagram describing all the services offered by BioHues Digital including medical visualization, animation, website design and marketing

Your challenges

  • Need to find multiple vendors to complete different marketing and design projects


  • Need marketing materials but do not have an in-house marketing team


  • Want to have consistent branded materials but do not have a centralized, organized system


  • Want to utilize social media but are unsure where to begin


  • Have periods of busy seasons leading up to conferences and other events

Our solutions

  • Our multidisciplinary team is equipped with the skill to jump on diverse tasks including pitch deck design, website design, brand guide, scientific illustrations, infographic, explainer animations, and social media strategy.


  • Think of us as your in-house marketing team. We listen to your goals, ideate and create content that produce consistent results for you. Our visual communication projects can support different parts of your team.


  • Our experienced team will set up an organized brand portal, making it easy to find existing graphic assets such as logos and templates.


  • We will provide guidance and feedback along the way as we work on a social media strategy together.


  • We can support you in many ways depending on how much you need us. From project-based collaborations to retainer-based services, we will make sure to meet your timeline and budget.

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Production & Feedback


Final Sign-off


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