Animation Workflow

1. Storyboard

Our storyboard consists of a series of sketches that translates the script text into a visual story. It facilitates collaboration among team members, ensuring everyone involved, from animators to directors, shares a unified vision.

2. Animation Draft

Based on the approved storyboard, we then produce an animation draft that includes all the key components and actions. The draft also includes a rough voiceover so that the visuals align with the narrated content.

3. Final animation

The final animation we create includes all the components such as background music, professional narration and visual effects. It is exported at the full resolution based on the project scope.

Illustration Workflow

1. Sketch

Our illustrations begin with careful research and a greyscale/line art sketch. At this stage, we can make quick adjustments based on your feedback.

2. Coloured illustration

Once the sketch is approved, we begin adding colours to the illustration.

3. Labelled illustration

The final illustration will be complete with labels and legends.

Web Design Workflow

1. Site map

For any website, we begin with a site map, an overview of the website’s organization and flow. This is where we decide on the number and name of the web pages. A key to this step is establishing the hierarchy: choosing which pages should be primary, and which pages should be secondary.

2. Wireframe & mockup

Next, we use Figma to create greyscale sketches with placeholders for text and images. This helps us better organize the content of the website. After this, we will add the content and create colour mockups for all the web pages.

3. Developed & testing

The final website will be created according to your platform of choice, whether it is WordPress, Wix, Webflow or Squarespace. We will test the website rigorously for responsiveness and flow.

Discovery Meeting


Contract & Deposit


Production & Feedback


Final Sign-off