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Client: FluidAI Medical

Year: 2023

In the competitive landscape of the medical tech industry, the significance of professional and consistent branded marketing collaterals cannot be overstated. They serve as a visual identity that fosters trust and conveys expertise. FluidAI Medical, a medical device startup, recognized the critical role of such collaterals in establishing a strong brand presence and conveying their clinical team’s educational insights. In 2023, we teamed up with FluidAI Medical to take their visual communication efforts to the next level.

FluidAI Medical encountered multiple challenges in the beginning. Despite having fundamental brand elements like a logo, colors, and typeface, these were not consistently applied across their marketing and clinical materials. The need for consistent branding extended to both online and offline settings, crucial for effective communication with investors and healthcare professionals. It was also clear that their clinical team needed accurate and engaging visuals to convey their scientific messages, but given the specificity of their technology, it was difficult to find visuals elsewhere that meet their needs.

Scroll further to discover how we helped FluidAI Medical create branded materials for their clinical and commercial teams.

To address these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive solution. Firstly, we created a cloud-based brand portal, providing a centralized repository for easy access to all brand assets. Next, layout templates for various publications, including science posters, white papers, and brochures, were crafted for seamless content creation. Moreover, our team produced high-quality, customized medical illustrations that effectively communicated the scientific messages from FluidAI.

We designed custom product packaging and trade show booths that adhered meticulously to the brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent and professional presence. To fill the gap in graphic design needs, we also designed a collection of custom icons which provides a cohesive visual language across all materials. The redesign extended to various pitch decks for FluidAI, enhancing their future presentations at investor meetings and conferences.

Finally, we developed a branded website complete with custom illustrations and animations (see project page). This helps the FluidAI team establish an online presence that mirrors the professionalism and consistency seen in their offline materials.

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