A screenshot from a 3D medical device animation showing how the Molli wand works

MOLLI 2 Medical Device Animation

✨ Creative Direction  ✨ Storyboard

✨ 3D Modeling✨ Animation 

Client: Molli Surgical

Year: 2023

In 2023, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Molli Surgical, a Canadian company dedicated to developing minimally invasive solutions for breast cancer treatment. At the heart of our project was Molli’s revolutionary product, MOLLI® – an award-winning, wire-free soft tissue localization technology designed for precision in marking lesion locations for surgical removal.

Our task was to create a series of animations, featuring the updated Molli 2 product, to support the marketing team in disseminating key messages about their progress. These animations played a pivotal role in conveying Molli Surgical’s advancements and were showcased on various news channels and at trade shows.

Through visually engaging storytelling, we aimed to communicate Molli Surgical’s commitment to innovation and excellence in breast cancer treatment, contributing to their success in both media and industry events.

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